Ambition Assist


  • Shadow Wolfy
  • Flame Wolfy
  • Prarie


Flame Wolfy wants to help a fellow grass wolfy, Prairie to become popular atound town, until they realize she has an unpleasant attitude around wolfys.


Prairie is a grass wolfy who wants to become popular around town, and chooses Flame Wolfy to help her. FW tries to hire her in a job, until he realizes Prarie has a mean condition in her emotions. FW tries to cool down her, and she did. After the situation FW tries to get a thearapist to help Prarie. But then she flips out and started beating her. FW tries to stop her but doesnt know were to hit a girl. So he uses his steam to cool her down. Prarie then was tied up and Shadow Wolfy awoke her. Prarie then explained to him that she wants to be popular. Shadow Wolfy then told her that she needs to chillax first. later she walks through town and a wolfy accidently slipped and trew an apple pie at her face. This time Prarie attacked. Her green and pink fur suddenly turned red and orange, while her fur became more fierce. She headbutted SW and he suddenly fell unconcious. then aimed for FW. FW was scared out of her wits but he still has guts. He started run while Prairie followed. he then jumped and landed on a wrestling stadium. FW started to fight her. Then Prarie beated him extremely hard, that he fell uncocious like SW. then the bystanders started cheering. and Prarie turned back to normal, and smiled. she finally became popular.

"Thanks for helping me Flame" said Prarie.

"Youre welcome but no thanks" FW replied.

"Hey you stupid peace off... ugh.... you come back here... im not just finished with you yet!" SW said weakly, and beaten.

Then Prarie flipped out again and knocks SW unconcious again. then the episode ends.