Angel wolfs are wolfs that are considered angelic.


Angel wolfs were meant to do the righteous things. They did. Suddenly when AW the 5th was elected leader of the pack, with Fade as his right hand man, he turned the ancestry of the Angel Wolves up-side down. AW wanted to change the rules and instead of being righteous, the did the cruel. They bullied millions of wolfs, took over different towns, and stole the properties of an indivitual illegaly. Fade realized he was doing the wrong and betrayed the pack. Then AW's pack tracked him down for thounds of years but still no trace of him.

They desided to release a evil wolfy trapped in a magical dimension so then they can kill FADE for what he has done. Fade with the help of Flame Wolfy and Shadow Wolfy, destroyed the evil wolfs, and caused the AW to retreat. A few years later, the Lightning Wolfs almost destroyed the pack. A few months later, all of the AW in the pack betrayed Angel Wolfy because, like FADE, they realized they were doing something wrong. Later AW changed his mind and became righteous. And the pack became as the were meant to be.


Angel Wolfs are always white and have purple, blue or light blue minor colors. Unlike other wolfs they have glowing eyes with different colors.

Enemies and AlliesEdit

Allies: Ice Wolves, Snow Wolves, Techno Wolves Enemies: Flame Wolves, Shadow Wolves, Lightning Wolves