Beyond the kingdoms

Beyond the Kingdoms title card

Beyond the Kingdom is the first episode introduced in season 2 of Friendz.

by Peebles14/ Written by Peebles14 and Sara14444


In this episode it explains the Background story of the Lightning Pack which were known to be exstinct. It explains that there was a bloody battle between to types of species of the Lightning Pack that only 5 of them survived. Until they were sank by angel wolves into a volcano were the hole let them to a deep deep pit were they couldnt escape. But the longer they stood in deeper ground the more they reproduced until the Fearsome wolfy who later became the new Lightning Wolfy (leader of the pack) and ended up with a whole army of wolves. Then they mined for several years,until they reached the surface which is in the present time, and they decided to wipe out all the packs to make them all slaves and recreate their. the kingdom of all the packs.

Recreation of the lightning army by sara1444-d5plkds


 Mayor Characters

  • Flame Wolfy
  • Shadow wolfy
  • Princess Fionna
  • Sweet Wolfy
  • Fade
  • King Wolfy


  • Lightning Wolfy
  • Lightning Pack

Minor Characters

  • Techno Wolfy
  • Angel Wolfy
  • Grass Wolfy
  • Ice Wolfy
  • Water Wolfy

Featured Packs

  • Water Pack
  • Flame Pack
  • Shadow Pack
  • Techno Pack
  • Angel Pack
  • Ice Pack
  • Grass Wolfy


A mysterious Wolf pack, that was known as a legend came back to the atmosphere, until it causes Problems between all the packs.