Edaf is an unknown wolfy. He was born when Fade accidently put a spell on him self until he failed and created Edaf. Edaf is Fade's name backwards. Even though EDAF is related to FADE, he is in fact his opposite.


Edaf isn't nice nor serious. He bullies every wolfy he can find and is extremely impatient. He can get pissed really quickly. He is not as smart, so he can be easily tricked. Even though he is so power full he can get scared easily. Since his hate for Lightning Wolfy he can get scared by thunder.


Edaf is described as Fade but with a dark grey fur and a red underfur, emo, and tail. He is well known stronger than Fade and has physic powers that create a reddish floating flower effect. He will only appear in only one episode, around season 2.


Edaf is not alergic to pepper like most magicians are. He has all of Fade's powers but stronger and fiercer. He can fly and can make fire while it does. Like dragons it can also breathe fire and is resistant to lava. Only a Lightning wolfy can defeat this fierce beast.


He treats Fade like trash even though he doesn't kill him because he is his father. Though he loves Fade he doesnt realize it. He is always talking about how powerful he is to all the other wolfs. He hates Lightning wolves and he would always run away from them. But he was defeated by Sweetz the Lightning Wolfy. He doesn't like techno wolfs because, although most wolfys like their music, it makes him want to barf. He is thought to be an enemy to every wolfy other than himself.