Flame Wolfy is a very nice Wolfy. He's mostly passive, and says things without thinking. Flame Wolfy is the leader of Flame Pack. Most Wolfy's say he's not ready to lead a pack, considering that he has no idea how to. In most episodes, putting his Wolfy's in danger. Flame Wolfy mostly depends on Shadow Wolfy to take care of the pack.

Flame Wolfy is foolish, silly and clumsy. In episodes, making jokes about his friends, mostly Water Wolfy. Flame Wolfy makes jokes about Water Wolfy to hide his feelings for her, but still turns out to be an obvious crush.


Flame Wolfy is a bright orange Wolfy with red side bangs and a red tail. Flame Wolfy is small, and very chubby. Flame Wolfy has a high pitch voice that cracks a lot.


Flame Wolfy


Shadow Wolfy- Flame Wolfy and Shadow Wolfy are close friends, pretty much brothers. Shadw Wolfy likes teaching Flame Wolfy about the ways of the pack, even though Flame Wolfy never listens to him.

Water Wolfy- Flame Wolfy and Water Wolfy are close friends as well, though Flame Wolfy thinks diffrent. Flame Wolfy has a very obvious crush on Water Wolfy. At first, he was scared just by her name, though seeing her made him like her a lot. In "Alone Wolfy", he described her as beautiful and calm.

In the end of "Jealousy", Water Wolfy kissed Flame Wolfy for a few seconds. Flame Wolfy claims that it felt so good, that he didnt even feel pain at all. Water Wolfy also claims that it was a "Friendship Kiss", and not a real one.