FRIENDZ eppisodes is hailey and friends episodes they make vlog and animation

krisha started this and she pick Hailey as aleader becouse Hailey is an artist they said

the friends started making as the 1st vlog is

soo pls subscribe them thank you..This is them
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zye is an cute and beutiful her bffs are pierre and hailey and others she is nice.First thing she a youtuber called fabulous gamer

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This is the Friendz Wiki! This wiki is about a series; That has not yet came out. The series is about 6 kingdoms/packs of wolves (Especially named Wolfy's). There is Ice Kingdom, Angel Kingdom and water kingdom; The colder and brighter side. The other 3 kingdoms are Shadow Kingdom, Flame Kingdom and Grass Kingdom; The darker side. The beginning of the series, the opposites appear to be friends with eachother. A sudden observation came to notice that the Brighter side was harming the darker side constantly. Very soon, they decided to split up. Icon for iceprincess222 by wolfsam-d5d4kmq

the series will come out in 2019 coming soon