Morph is a mutated wolfy. It is yet unknown what Pack of Wolves he is, but he is the third mutated wolfy in FRIENDZ, since Feral and Mess Wolfy.


Morph is mean. He is impatient and doesn't like the innocent. When ever he gets angry or jealous, he can morph (change, or transform) into another Wolfy. Morph is part of the evil side of the wolves, feturing Angel Wolfy, Feral, Mess Wolfy, EDAF, ect.


Morph makes people's faces look in disgust, because, he has like four eyeballs, and walks on six legs. Morph sometimes is called "a Dopelganger "by Fade. His Fur is fully black. But his minor color is light blue. Morph's tail is super long and has spicky pendanges aprouching from its tip tail. Morph also has red pupil colors.


Again we all know Morph can transform to other wolves. But Morph has other powers. He can't fly, however, he can jump or thrust extremely and brutally high. He can also climb on walls, or in the sealings.


Morph can live anywhere but mostly prefers Caves or Dungeaons. He also suits himself in old castles, or  Strongholds. He likes to be kept in dark areas due to his Black fur, and because he hates the sun light.


Morph doesn't really have a weakness, however, you can tell werther another Wolfy is morph, by their eyes. If the eyes are redish pink that means it is the Dopelganger Wolfy. When ever he is about to climb on walls, QUICKLY throw slime at its paws before it gets to it.