Prince Wolfy


15 years

Family Members:

Prinotha and Extrench


Flightning Wolfy


Water wolfy



This is Prince Wolfy he is legendary and refused to say what his species is.He has a dark voice like Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he has golden wings and a royal crown. Rumor has it that he must be in love to Princess Fionna assuming by his name.His people belive his species is a mixed breed of flame wolves and lightning wolves. Message from Prince Wolfy: It's true and I also need to announce my brother and sister witch are gods. They are Prinotha, my brother, the god of Lightning Wolves. Exchrench,my sister,the god of Flame Wolves,and i'm the god of Flightning Wolves.


This mysterious wolf's hair is dark red and his body is blue,his underhairs are white,his wings are golden,and he wears a crown with red grey and blue diamonds.


This wolf can fly and has magical abilities he can make life,death,unborn,and undead. He is the prince of the heavens and is able to glow,travel in time,and block attacks from other kinds of his species.


This wolf's personality is playing with FADE, he loves other wolves that can fly,do magic tricks,and are royalty and or emo.He hates rainbows and only likes the feeling of pain, hapiness is an effect that only he can like and feel with FADE, and Flame Wolfy.

Hobbies and interestsEdit

This wolf is a huge fan of horror films, rock music, and loves to sleep. He loves to eat mysterious cakes and lay down, looking at his posters on his wall in his black room, with ghost photos.


He was in the christmas special:Friendship.