Princess Fionna
Princess Fionna


5 years

Family Members:

Ice Pack


Ice Wolfy


Grass Wolfy, specifically Bizzy Bee Jr.


Princess Fionna is a white Ice Wolfy with light blue outlines. She has a yellow crown with a light yellow gem in the middle. She is very small, although, she is a pup. Princess Fionna is the princess/leader of Ice Pack. She is still a bit too young to understand the basics of the Packs, but she does have a few helpers.

Princess Fionna is known as "the most adorable wolf" ever seen. That is because of her light colors, and how small and fluffy she is. She does not liked to be called adorable if she is trying to be serious (as seen in a scene of an episode of Friendz) when she was trying to warn the Grass Wolves about the attack and they all replied "so adorable." Therefore, not taking her seriously.

Fionna doesn't speak proper English, there are many blanks in her words, and she also has a very soft voice. She also pronounces some things wrong.


Fionna likes to sing, and chase birds. Just like Shadow Wolfy, she has a limp in her front paws, and can't necessarily pick up her tail. Her tail is very small, but nobody ever says anything. She can't run very well, and it may be because she is just learning, or again, the limp in her front paws. She is good at pouncing, but when she fails, she just lays down and waits for another thing to pounce on.


Water Wolfy is Fionna's best friend. Water Wolfy was there to see Fionna be born and to show her the ways of the pack. Fionna relates to Water Wolfy very well and hangs out with her almost everyday!

BizzyBeeJR has a somewhat large crush on Fionna. In one scene, he says that "her soft voice and her eyes stop him from breathing". He likes her a lot, and Princess Fionna likes him back. She knows that they can't hang out and that makes them both sad, but it's just the ways of the packs.


Princess Fionna changes her mood a lot. She is mostly really happy and hyper when it comes to joining her friends or when it's time for the snow season. Fionna likes to help people and make jokes.

Usually when it comes to being around wolves older than her, though, she tends to change and act more mature. She also tries to avoid the limp in her walking.

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