Sara by sara1444-d5m7p9x
(Based on a male user though this wolfy is female.)

Sara is a cheerer. She is lives in town in a cavern. She loves reading like Fade. She is a grass wolfy and is 13 years old.


Sara is mostly happy and smart. She is friends with almost every one except for Feral. She is mostly serious when she is in a serious situation or a conflict. She understands people's feelings. She is adventurous and heroic.


She is green and has a brown emo (hairstyle). She has neon blue eyes and has a large large tail, bigger than most wolves. Her underfur is yellow. There is an effect that comes which is whenever she runs leaves randomly start appearing from her back and tail.


She can run fast and can blend in with nature. She cannot be easily scared so she isn't scared of the darkness. Fade taught her, along with King, how to use magic, though she only knows how to become invisible.


Sara's friends include Shadow Wolfy, Flame Wolfy, King, Sweetz, Sweet wolfy, Soul Wolfy, Princess Fionna and Fade. She loves Sweet Wolfy the most because when ever she is sad, she would cheer her up with her fresh music. Sara likes to spend most of her time doing stuff with Shadow Wolfy and Flame Wolfy. Sara was never in the angel wolfy pack with King, but she met him and befriended him after a few months ago of trainning with FADE, and met him again but saw him sad, since AW sent him to track down Fade. Fade is one of Sara's non-closest friends due to saying "Sorry, right now im spending time alone." But she often visits him in his stronghold. In fact, she is the only one that knows his secret entrance.