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Sweetz is a Lightning wolf that loves to be alone. She is rather smart and lives away from any other Lightning Wolfy. She loves to be alone in any kind of mountain region.


Sweetz has a deep blue underbelly unlike the rest of the female Lightning Wolfys. Her coat is jet black and makes her invisible during the night. Her eyes are a darkish blue color that sends chills down your spine if you make eye contact.


Sweetz likes to be alone at most times and doesn't like to be bothered by others when she wants to be alone. She absolutely hates being touched by a wolf that she doesn't share a deep bond with. If angered she will go ballistic and destroy whatever is around her. This rarely happens due to her kind nature.

While some people say that all Lightning Wolfys are evil, she is living proof that they aren't all evil. She never grew up around other Lightning Wolfys, which may be the cause of why she isn't like the rest of them. Although she does have a tendency of going ballistic whenever angry, which may be the evil trapped inside her.


When Sweetz starts to go into a sprint there is a small pulse of electricity that surrounds her body. When this happens she gets small fangs that are also made out of electricity. She is able to conduct electricity through her claws when she swipes at someone and causes a loud clap of thunder.


Sweetz has hardly any relationships due to her love of being alone. She does grow slightly attached to Shadow Wolfy when they first meet. But this bond shortly breaks due to her passion of being alone.

~This wolf is Sweetdeath501's wolf, no one elses, if they tell you they own it, they are epic liars~

~Another side note, Thank you Sara for the epic drawing of Sweetz, thought it would be a bit more special like this~