The Magi-Wolfy is a syndicate formed by Ether, the group founder. The Magi-Wolves are wizardous wolfys, that have been scattered around the world. Fade and EDAF make up a great example of this summit. The group doesnt think the segregation of light wolves and dark wolves is right. So they combined Magi Wolves from every kingdom to join in the group, secretly. This is a secret organization, which Magi-Wolves only could join. Fade is by far the first Magi wolfy to appear in Friendz.


Magi wolves are not like regular wolfys, they earn abilities from the very different packs they encounte. So far Aquatic, pyromancy, Necromancy, Air, and Earth are the different "Elemental Powers" they have. Lightning Wolves have only been incountered for the first time in Season 2. Since Lightning Wolves were never really encountered yet, they dont have thunder abilities. 


Ether (founder)